Friday, July 19, 2013

SUNFLOWER vase of newspaper tubes with a core made of coffee beans

So, we need to work rolls of the newspapers or cash tape, acrylic paint, wire, PVA glue or hot glue silicone, yellow felt, cardboard, cotton circles, brown paint and coffee beans
Ducts can be painted, both before and after weaving, acrylic paints. Need to paint yellow and green color

Insert the wire into a tube and proceed to the weaving of leaves. The wire is only needed for the base leaf

The basis of leaf consists of two bent tubes

The ends of the tubes to glue a leaf to each other

Take a tube without the wire and begin to weave a leaf

These are the leaves, we should turn to sunflower

Now we start to collect a sprig

Twig with leaves ready

For the basis of a sunflower cut out a circle of cardboard, 18 cm in diameter

Take the cotton pads and brown paint

Obkladyvayut all cardboard cotton pad and fix their threads

Cotton pads paint the brown paint, glue coffee beans

Of yellow felt cut out leaves

Weave the usual way just such a plate. Begin braiding with middles can be in any way

Diameter of about 29 cm plates

It is from these parts will be our sunflower vase-

Putting a bowl on photos

Back view

Glue the middle of a coffee beans with a felt and leaves a small vase

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