Saturday, July 6, 2013

Suitable for 6-9 years old children pink short

Completion of this dress on Friday night and Saturday cleaning day, tired tired, Sun took the children about the friends another day goofed, this is a happy tired!
Watching the children inseparable like emotions, so I imagine all the way to the future in the days of their girlfriends Wife. .
A picture of a cute smile, again and again Xiaofan hug, big sister, little sister that there are no micro-love, mothers who were touched. .
Not that we are too easily moved, the child no playmates really lonely, almost once a month gathering is their very public wants.
Bottom in a play late into the night did not say go home, if any of you missing a second, they would have been thinking about, have good food to keep.
Really happy that they have such a fate be made smaller, to become the future girlfriends and friends, and always keep such sweet affection.
Filename: girlfriends
With the line: Tencel 48/25 share 180 grams
Weaving process: fishnet the needles 56, four network a pattern, 14 flowers, front and back panels of seven, according to the graphic pattern crocheted, Length 40 cm.
First show a dress. More reality behind Xiu Xiu. .

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