Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flower with leaves

Bright surround flower, framed by emerald leaves, crocheted . Knitted flower looks colorful and smartly, will look good as a brooch, decoration for hats, bags and jackets.
Crochet flower you will need: the remnants of cotton yarn / b red for the flower and leaves for the Emerald, a hook № 2,5.

Description crochet flower: picking up a chain of 7 temperature. hinges, lock it in a ring connecting loop and knit the first row , making the temperature 3.lifting loop, 15 Art. s / n.

In the second row for the start of petals vyvyazyvayut 8 arochek of 3 temperature loops, knit * Art. b / n between the bars of the previous row, 3 temperature. loops, Art. b / n 2 through the column of the previous row, repeat from * 8 times. Complete the second row of the connecting loop in the first century b / n and knit the third series of petals, provyazyvaya arochek of Art. b / n, 3 tbsp. s / n, p. b / n. Finish the third series of connecting loops.

In the fourth row, knit arochki of 4 vozd.petel for the next row of petals.Secure arochki sc, introducing the hook in the bottom previous arochki.

Fifth row: vyvyazyvayut second row of petals provyazyvaya arochek - art. b / n, polustolbik, 4 tbsp. s / n, polustolbik, Art. b / n.

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