Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Material: 650g white Scottish yarn number 20 and 100 grams of sky-blue Scottish yarn number 40; hook № 1,25
Size: 192 x 120 cm
Job Description
Assign separate 80 squares of the "a" in accordance with the scheme. Then collect 20 A motifs, each of which consists of four squares "and" interconnected with 1 p. Art. w / o related articles on the front side (to put the squares on top of each other, wrong side to wrong side). To put aside their motives A 20 and 20 relate to the motives of jacquard pattern. Vyvyazat cells, which form a swallow with two threads - white and blue. In place of the color change to bind the last unfinished art. s / n white thread (not provyazyvayut last loop) and finish it with white and blue thread, taken together.
For the transition from white to blue thread to bind the last unfinished art. s / n blue thread and finish it only white thread (leave the blue thread for the next p.). Complete each motif in the 2nd Round. p. binding, as shown in the diagram. Next, connect to each other motifs A and motifs B (see figure) with 1 p. Art. b / n the face of the product.

 The scheme crocheted blankets for beds

The scheme crocheted blankets for beds

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