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Han mom lively pretty little girl with tutorials Oh Dress

each a little girl Dress ] "YG7 | EU 
with the line: 2 shares freezing house round cotton white and sky blue 54'z "S: W 
Crochet : Coke 3/0 (2.3MM) JgxOxZS `@ 
Shi Han Height: 82 cm Bust: 48 cm ; e [-t/SI 
artwork back UnO -?

Mesh from the needle (grid): R? Z8_5Y

I played a 40 mesh (54 cm)
Conversely hook second trip in three each mesh long needle three middle hook a long needle that is three long braids braids three needles a long needle one braids ~ ~ Cycle (Note: when the first turn, then hook four braids In the first three mesh lining hook long needle, then there is the hook to the end of a long needle when three braids and then hook a long needle at the end of the needle inserted in the beginning of which the needle . IpYZg'V 

This has been the hook back and forth according to their own children determine the size of my hook up 6 rows (height 5 cm)

After six row began after hook hook side while there is no buttonhole buttonhole buttonhole while no side in braids and a long needle in each empty hook three short needle head back after a short needle to the hook (hook two times is short needle) break

There buttonhole in this first three each empty hook in the past to come back a short time to start leaving each buttonhole buttonhole composed by the two braids (average good) came back to continue the hook a short needle (buttonhole hook two parts short needle) to the head after the break

Note that in addition to bottom line began to change the other three sides are not hook hook trip short needle (where the corner is selected by a needle hook a short needle two braids in a short needle) to the head after the break

In line at the corner for a short needle hook two braids empty three braids braids in the first four long needle hook 5 (each braid the middle of a long needle pin) then two braids and braids in the empty three braids in the first four Enough so at a short needle loop hook to the head

Enough to return to the corner and then a short needle fixed on each braid long needle hook 3 hook to the head dog teeth broken

Began to wear the belt hook place first of all have a 4-pin pigtail hook in the first president of the first empty hook needle short needle fixed then rotated 180 degrees and then braided fabric hook 4-pin on the picture painted red line and then place the hook a short needle 4 braids a short needle so the cycle coming to an end (see below for specific hook France this image) 

Hook to the head later in the hook 4 braids this time in the 180-degree rotation of the fabric over the hook a short needle fixed to the hook four braids a short needle (note short needle fixed place look pale pinkish purple color border detail drawings) and then followed by the hook four braids In short needle on the line outside the hook bait a long needle hook well after returning to our hook a short needle fixed on a short hook four braids braids an outer needle 4 needle a short needle hook length to head the cycle following this picture There is a graphic red green and blue are the top row is returned following line hook method (first drawing is not to sisters Nengkanmingbai not) IIs'm! "Y> 

  Then is when we must suture suture optimistic that regardless of your buttonhole side is which side should pay attention to the above must be no mistake Oh Oh 

                   After a look at the fabric stitched bottom portion of this time there is a blue and white two watching (Figure 1) and then start where suture hook 5 braids a short needle (needle make this short blue and white two sides together Hook up) and in five braids 1 cycle of short needle hook head to see (Figure 2 and Figure 3) (a detail view of Figure 4) (which is the first set of flower ring first lap)

This time can be illustrated with reference to the first group began to hook up the second lap spent  
      at each nets (Figure 4) Hook 5 short hook to the head (Figure 5)         hook to start the third lap joints when the first hook 2 argument needle injection lead to the line in the middle of a flower in the third part of a short needle hook two long needle in two braids two after a good long needle hook hook three braids and then spend the next one third needle hook 2 long needle two braids two long needle so the cycle hook to the head (Figure 6) VE6 V ^ 6SL 
hook first group began to spend the first four laps: candied needle hook two long braids in two long needle two needle needles in two braids a candied short needle (short needle fixed on lap three pigtails) and then in two braids looped around "VRcR 
5 laps: 5 long needle (each has a long needle middle braids) and then two braids a short needle two braids 5 a long needle (each has a long needle middle braids) and then two braids a short needle two braids circulation to the head (Figure 7) F / IXqj 
6th lap: Each long needle has a three-pin pin this dog teeth braids lap dog teeth is to head a group of flower hook completion (when completed this set of flower looks very crowded but that's okay then down the hook when the naturally good) , Dlh `t <\ 
hook a good first set flower start of the second set of the second group spent only difference is that the first lap from 5 braids into seven braids second lap from five short needle into seven short needle % l (qyH) * 
The third group Huadao The fifth group of flower hook method completely and the second group of Group 6 hook flower blossom time to remember to change the color and then there is the first lap of the second lap braids braids into nine short needle into nine other short needle unchanged over this skirt hook # 4L [8 (+ V

      Strap hook method: hook hook braids 113 to return after a good 4-pin hook a long needle in the needle hook 3 three braids braids a long needle looped around a long time to next hook two long needle hook begins after completion Each short needle hook nets four short needle hook hook hook after a good lap around the hook a short needle and then Changeover line after two laps short needle on the hook side of the hook method attention is selected by a needle inside the hook 2 Short pin 2 short needle middle two braids (The following illustration to be a reference to the sisters) FO & U {(Q

Four laps after a good start short needle hook hook hook lace lace lace hook method and the method of the chest is the same strap hook is a good length 36CM width 5.5CM p'M5] G

After a good hook straps and skirt stitched together Here is a good hook finished map 

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